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- And since this is a suggestion about wars, I do not think it is in the wrong place in order to spa ...2011.08.29 15:40:00
- Its been a bit since I've DJ'd seriously, but I did use to do a bit of downtempo and ambient music s ...2011.08.06 18:56:00
- Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll have to rethink the level 5 thing for a while. A lot of work and ...2011.08.03 18:54:00
- Referring to Amarr sub-caps? No. If Amarr and running l5's, you're going to have to go the cap route ...2011.08.03 05:54:00
- I still don't know what industrialists and mission runners think they are going to be able to do t ...2011.07.30 17:41:00
- I know, comparing eve to RL is lame etc etc... But the idea that a wreck and it's contents are 2 s ...2011.07.28 14:57:00
- I'm not sure if you have previously addressed the logic behind it. I, for one, do not see how nin ...2011.07.28 12:16:00
- Tarsas Phage,12,13,49,53,-80,83,99,100,108,-143,162 ...2011.07.26 03:15:00
- 4. Omni Backup Sensor Array - Sensor strength is racial, having a lower 'omni' strength is redund ...2011.07.04 00:53:00
- As each recruiter I talked to each member had to pay a 75m-100m fee a week. Seriously what the hell? ...2011.06.08 02:08:00
- Piratz Tavern in Silver Spring MD. 8402 Georgia Avenue Silver Spring, MD 20910It's on Georgia Av ...2011.05.26 07:18:00
- x Venue is right down the road from me and June 12 is a fine time. ...2011.05.20 00:57:00
- HAHA, I think we may be dealing with the same market tough guy here. I got these messages about a ...2011.04.28 20:56:00
- Edited by: Tarsas Phage on 28/04/2011 20:14:32 I am training for logistics and plan to fly Onerios. ...2011.04.28 20:05:00
- Edited by: Tarsas Phage on 27/04/2011 18:20:25 If you can't be assed to train Gal. Cruiser 5 until ...2011.04.27 18:14:00

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