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- appears to be down for me all so, can ne 1 confirm? ...2008.01.26 14:48:00
- can i jus say hurry up and sort wot ever ur doin coz its beginning to annoy me i cant even play xbox ...2008.01.06 23:45:00
- If there is one bit I have to agree with is that the delayed damage is a tad extreme. Double missil ...2007.05.21 15:40:00
- I fly a drake in PVP, and sometimes I fly them using the passive super-tank.There have been quite a ...2007.05.20 02:48:00
- because the "pilots" are rolling a joint or something.definately signed ^^^ I loled ...2007.05.20 01:46:00
- Eve is first mmo. I used to play a lot of americas army, allso played since beta on xbox live and st ...2007.05.02 12:44:00
- Jump drive operation V. 2 days 20 hours to go ...2007.04.30 14:31:00
- 10isk to whoever guesses what game inspired this idea :PNot sure why CCP would implement it really, ...2007.04.29 00:46:00
- Sorry for your loss m8. Hopefully the the person who received the isk has at least an ounce of decen ...2007.04.20 13:37:00
- I copy the whole ccp folder on to my desk top and fire it from there, then patch it to the test serv ...2007.03.31 18:39:00
- I have a SyncMaster 940bw. Windows resolution is set at 1440 x 900. Eve resolution is set at 1440 ...2007.02.15 13:51:00
- Hello i recently purchased 19 inch wide screen tft and i had same problem as u,all i did wos install ...2007.02.15 13:39:00
- i am 30 years young been playing for nearly 2 years this being my first mmo ...2007.01.15 14:11:00
- WEll if this forum had a search option i could probably just find this myself but. the forums have ...2006.12.17 01:10:00
- Lol it wos 5 in game with 30 days free so i thought i would give it a go, hav'nt looked back,much ...2006.12.16 02:50:00

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