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- It's the "make isk while being away" feature...Chribba is spot on. A few years ago, in Providence, ...2010.06.30 20:40:00
- So, you're not enjoying the Luau in Huola?I for one really enjoy the tiki bars there. Let me guess, ...2010.06.30 12:44:00
- Well, since I don't play Eve-Farmville... I'm keeping it and every once and a while will dust it off ...2010.06.29 17:11:00
- Please don't start posting stuff about how great the CCP team is.I'm sorry, but if you think their p ...2010.06.29 16:46:00
- Can you make a version of this without the voiceover?This is really relaxing. I could put this on a ...2010.06.29 14:36:00
- I got omgwtfpwned by a T3 Cruiser in my Vexor. It's not fair! Bawwww! I don't have any skills and ...2010.06.29 14:12:00
- The Overview bug.... it's been around since before RMR and it's completely irritating. It's gotten ...2010.06.28 22:16:00
- Probably not, now that Eve has it's own version of Farmville... the need for the IGB to support flas ...2010.06.28 22:06:00
- These both predate it by at least 2 years:1. Overview - Remaining artifacts / bad refresh. 2. The L ...2010.06.27 01:46:00
- Eve is a game governed by exchange relations. As more people generate one type of good (isk, minera ...2010.06.15 03:59:00
- I gave this a lot of thought a few years ago, when I was with an alliance that had ice mining member ...2010.06.15 03:45:00
- That setup looks pretty solid as it stands. You may not want to lose the damage control in lieu of ...2010.06.14 21:46:00
- OH, faNfest.... whoa, did I ever read that wrong.Time to get me eyes checked. On a related topic, ha ...2010.06.14 18:07:00
- Thank you for using bandwidth to give us your "extremely valuable" opinion.Please file this with the ...2010.06.14 18:01:00
- You know what has my panties in a twist about Gallente? Roden ships not living up to the missile po ...2010.06.14 14:06:00

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