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- Yes, please remove learning skills!I would be happy with the proposed solution. ...2010.07.17 10:00:00
- Just confirming I'll transfer this character to the account specified by Diezel via eve-mail once I ...2009.01.27 22:24:00
- Hey Deizel,Confirming I'm accepting your 1.7Bn. I'll send you an eve-mail re. time, and I'll check h ...2009.01.27 21:55:00
- BUMP plus price updated. And for a limited time, this character comes with a free set of steak knive ...2009.01.27 06:39:00
- 1.7 bil and char is yours. ...2009.01.26 08:56:00
- Edited by: Bourdon on 27/01/2009 06:31:56 Price: 1.7 bil (updated)Character info can be found here. ...2009.01.26 05:59:00
- *munch* ...I mean *bump*. The muffins are delicious. And anyone who wants to learn about exploring s ...2008.11.26 22:41:00
- I tried to log a bug report with the output of dxdiag, the evelogger, etc. from here, but uhhh... th ...2008.11.12 07:50:00
- Edited by: Bourdon on 12/11/2008 07:30:50 Also stuck (don't know if this'll help anyone)...I get th ...2008.11.12 07:30:00
- Hmmm... Are you *sure* you can't scan wrecks? When I use the directional scanner, I get lots of resu ...2008.08.04 03:21:00
- Would the concept of 'folders' work for inventory management?I have some stuff I want to keep, for e ...2008.06.22 02:43:00

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