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- Extremely impressive. I very much enjoyed this video, it gave me a happy. ...2011.08.25 18:08:00
- Edited by: Raxip Elamp on 24/06/2011 22:05:27 Edited by: Raxip Elamp on 24/06/2011 22:03:58 Up unt ...2011.06.24 22:01:00
- Hey, why not make this a regular event like the darned Quebecers have? I'm out of province for the n ...2011.06.13 01:12:00
- My family has a tradition of painting Easter Eggs every year. This year, I did an Eve egg. One side ...2011.04.25 13:58:00
- This is a loverly blog, I read it whenever it updates. Because Rifter Jockeys are the best of the be ...2010.11.20 16:27:00
- I liked this well enough. Nice beat, Good flow.I agree with the other dude, though, you need to get ...2010.06.12 13:41:00
- Approved, I highly support CCP not being incredibly distracted, and actually finishing something. ...2010.06.04 03:17:00
- Freakin Epic sirs. Absolutely beautiful. I look forward to more. ...2010.03.28 01:22:00
- Jalif, this is an epic PvP video. You make we want to steal your cane fit. <3s for ever. ...2010.01.04 21:55:00
- tl;dr Janks is surprised when women run in fear. ...2009.11.24 19:18:00
- I'm totally not supporting this cause Verone will pod me otherwise . Nope. I actually have thought s ...2009.11.15 02:56:00
- Oh god the message is so annoying. Please, CCP. At least reduce it to .1 second. Or even .5 seconds, ...2009.08.27 22:34:00
- Instead of the above cruisers, I'd like to suggest you look into the Bellicose. Faster than the rupt ...2009.08.20 18:14:00

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