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- the evidence has been shown a number of times already but as iqnorant that RvB is.... well, your res ...2011.08.25 18:33:00
- RvB claims to hold on their "rules" and one on one honor, well ive proven them wrong and they wont a ...2011.08.25 17:13:00
- Circle of two ...2011.06.12 15:16:00
- Bump just for the name of it :P ...2011.04.15 14:50:00
- Thought id bump it. ...2011.03.24 06:18:00
- We are also interested in Black Ops, Stealth Bomber pilots again who are EU TZ based. We have a n ...2011.03.23 13:12:00
- Bump, US Division is trouble, we look for EU/UK only with the minimum requirements.ThanksBlack Nec ...2011.03.22 17:30:00
- Alliance is going guns, if you want chilled, BBB alliance should be your only choice to join :P. ...2011.03.14 13:14:00
- Hello Articulas,I will keep it sweet and short.* We are primarily UK/EU based Pirate and WH corp. ...2011.03.14 13:10:00
- Problem is, is that when you go on a PVP roll shark, I tend to fall behind on that week,lol :P.Sti ...2011.03.14 13:03:00
- Not really know, I think that personally your doing it the wrong way mate.You have discounted the ...2011.03.13 14:13:00
- Bump! ...2011.03.13 14:10:00
- Edited by: Black Necromunger on 11/03/2011 18:45:33 Hi Capt,Blue Reign was set up with mostly ex Mi ...2011.03.11 18:45:00
- Hi Vidork,Blue Reign was set up with mostly ex Misfits Enterprises members in the corp in November ...2011.03.11 14:48:00
- Ta for the bumps chaps, its working got some great people speaking to :) ...2011.03.11 14:42:00

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