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- Yeah i get ships dissapearing sometimes, gates and stations are fine. Sometimes they dont come back. ...2009.03.27 13:26:00
- It nothing to do with your hardware. I keep getting crashes were I never had before. My GFX card is ...2009.01.27 18:08:00
- Nother bump. So we get a patch and they still cant fix the Blue.DLL crash? Bravo CCP. ...2009.01.27 18:04:00
- Edited by: Johan Quinn on 26/01/2009 20:57:58 Bump. I keep getting the Blue.DLL crash. Damned annoy ...2009.01.26 20:56:00
- Auction Closed, Private buyout has been accepted. Thanks for looking! ...2008.09.12 17:02:00
- Buyout refused :P Bid noted. Buzz ill try to contact you in game. ...2008.09.10 16:18:00
- Bumpage ...2008.09.09 16:06:00
- Thnks for that Del , dont know why the link didnt work :(Bid Noted. Skills ...2008.09.07 11:55:00
- BumpWill add Auction ends sunday 14th @ 2000GMT ...2008.09.07 00:16:00
- Confirm recieve isk if sold. Convo either toon, whicher is online. PLse direct evemails to kuku d'en ...2008.09.06 10:23:00
- Bump. Come join the pew pew! ...2008.06.24 10:51:00
- We are still looking For EU/US Timezone players, for 0.0 combat. We are part of the Axiom Empire A ...2008.06.12 14:02:00
- Ok, i ahve a vista machine so I cannot add custom res through my nvidia control panel.That said ive ...2008.06.03 21:42:00
- Confirm i will be recieveing the isk. Cheers! ...2008.04.01 13:25:00

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