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- So in return for helping you, you publicly humiliate them on the forums? ...2010.11.09 00:49:00
- It begs the question what HAS been done in that case?Please educate yourself on what the phrase "b ...2010.11.02 17:27:00
- Learn to use probes and d-scan to find your targets. Google is your friend there.Once you find them ...2010.10.30 04:42:00
- Bookmarking thread now for future lulz. ...2010.10.30 04:39:00
- Some forums also permit you to see userlists, so if your target has a forum, you may want to check t ...2010.10.08 21:10:00
- My understanding is that once every (blue moon) so often CCP take a database price dump on the miner ...2010.09.29 16:05:00
- Stroke their wallet. I mean, it's just so huge! Just look at it! Now it's getting bigger!ASL? ...2010.09.29 16:02:00
- Its totally legal.CCP sold someone a GTC for $35.00 (or whatever).The player has the option to eithe ...2010.08.11 21:57:00
- Destructible PLEX actually protects the idiot who chose to haul PLEX by giving him/her something to ...2010.08.11 17:12:00
- Destructible plex actually protects the idiot who chose to haul plex by giving him/her something to ...2010.08.11 17:11:00
- The kids are the ones who REALLY want attention. So I play after they're asleep.The wife - she feign ...2010.08.11 17:01:00
- Dude, administering PI is like getting a BJ from a Carcharodon carcharias only less enjoyable.Postin ...2010.08.08 23:19:00
- Edited by: EyeCeeYou on 08/08/2010 23:06:00 C'mon guys. Instead of arguind over Dyspro going up or ...2010.08.08 23:05:00
- Lots of people want a richer market in Eve. I'm one of them.I propose the following changes for dis ...2010.08.08 15:40:00
- Summer rain is cool - Uranium slugs are not. Die silly hulk, die. ...2010.08.05 03:01:00

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