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- Well, if you have one of those refinery upgrades on an outpost, the base refining rate is 10%.Only o ...2008.03.21 19:44:00
- It would be easier to just increase taxes in Jita. Those brokers and contract managers are clearly i ...2008.01.01 21:46:00
- Theres been quite a few threads on this allready but...Something about the stargate system needs bin ...2007.12.19 01:36:00
- Edited by: Mathias Zealot on 18/12/2007 22:00:23 legal legally They can do what they like in thes ...2007.12.18 21:57:00
- it's the subliminal texts that say "You are Addicted to eve"after a while, you believe it ...2007.12.18 21:17:00
- You know that by logging into eve you intentionally lag the server, which is a permaban offense unde ...2007.12.18 21:08:00
- Let's look at the major things that have been fixed since the deployment of Trinity:boot.ini proble ...2007.12.17 06:48:00
- Corporation mails are no longer sent to all members with a title.This is a bit unclear. Corporation ...2007.12.14 20:10:00
- Straight out of the Known Issues page:Drones & Fighters Drones cannot be jammed through the use of ...2007.12.09 17:39:00
- There are two rigs that will affect missile range: The Rocket Fuel Cache rig (15% flight time) and t ...2007.12.07 05:32:00
- Chances are there was no actual scam involved here (I'll admit the possibility, but I find it unlike ...2007.11.25 00:56:00
- The ARM script focuses the Warp Disruption Field on a single ship which becomes unable to warp or ju ...2007.11.22 09:59:00
- Been bugging me for days. Found my Corp / Alliance settings for the forum.And Elisa? EVE is upside ...2007.11.12 04:34:00
- Shouldn't you be posting in pink? ...2007.11.11 03:13:00
- it's great to look at, and the detail level on the ships, planets, and effects is incredible. it's c ...2007.10.11 18:56:00

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