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- Well if the game ever gets going again still accepting come enjoy the fun. ...2011.06.15 05:39:00
- As you can see we are busy help release dumb pilots from there wallets burden of isk, and maybe make ...2011.06.07 13:39:00
- sorry mate i waited 4 hours and missed two other chances, ended up not missing a 3rd. pls retract my ...2011.03.26 02:17:00
- ingame deal worked out b/o 4.25 bill sending isk in a few moments ...2011.03.26 01:01:00
- link to your toons skills ...2011.03.26 00:08:00
- mate your skills link is busted looks like a nice toon shame out of my budget unless you would take ...2011.03.25 23:58:00
- well forgo it to me to try asnd wait for the guy i was trying to strike a deal with said he'd be on ...2011.03.25 23:54:00
- I'd say between 3-4.25 bil only cause demand seem to be high for tengu pilots atm if you wanna sell ...2011.03.25 23:44:00
- i like what i see got a offer up for one atm if i cant get a deal worked out ill be contacting you g ...2011.03.25 21:28:00
- I've seen your sell it is what im looking for but the most ill pay for that toon is 4.5 bil only has ...2011.03.25 15:38:00
- Edited by: takeaway1031 on 25/03/2011 22:40:14 offer 4.75 bil b/o isk in hand wanna get a pilot tod ...2011.03.25 10:34:00
- online now and looking may concider toons close to tengu since seems theres a lack of chars with ski ...2011.03.25 10:22:00
- sent u a ingame mail ...2011.03.25 10:18:00
- still looking ...2011.03.25 03:38:00
- Edited by: takeaway1031 on 26/03/2011 02:18:08 As title states. I'm looking for a decent tengu pilo ...2011.03.24 21:45:00

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