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- Good luck to both sides on this encounter...I have no personal problems with anyone in OC, but I wil ...2003.12.11 00:46:00
- Ok staying on topic...hmm resepected pirates...Fairlane DrStrangelove (though he has his ******* mo ...2003.12.09 11:54:00
- hate to say it, but you will have to do hundreds of agent missions to even use a level 1 research ag ...2003.12.08 13:07:00
- after trolling the boards for an hour now, eyes starting to hurt so I'll ask herehow will the 17 new ...2003.12.08 12:49:00
- Pann, I speak for alot of people when I say you should spend less time telling people to stop trolli ...2003.11.30 20:29:00
- I have an alt who can fly megathrons but has the same gunnery skills he started with... nothing quit ...2003.11.30 20:20:00
- Id definately do something more RP oriented... but one thing for sure, I wouldnt use all caps anymor ...2003.11.30 20:16:00
- My alt: Drones Mining Refining Refining Efficiency Industry Production Efficiency Engineering ...2003.11.28 09:32:00
- the way I read it, it stops it quite effectively. With NPC's controlling who gets the missions, unle ...2003.11.28 09:09:00
- ...2003.11.28 08:52:00
- /emote wonders what he is doing wrong ...2003.11.28 08:50:00
- ...2003.11.28 08:39:00
- yeah, might wanna change that to Now leaving stain after tonight Stavros... cant believe you got awa ...2003.11.26 22:23:00

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