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- Supported ...2010.08.30 20:02:00
- I most definately support this, as it is irritating to figure exactly what Meta level item things ar ...2010.08.30 19:40:00
- Thumbs up! ...2010.08.30 19:37:00
- Swell idea, thumbs up! ...2010.08.30 19:29:00
- Great idea, thumbs up! ...2010.08.30 19:26:00
- Definately supported. Constantly adding new areas to the game is good, but not when they aren't impr ...2010.07.09 19:21:00
- After going through the pain and wasted hours of RL time picking up items in 100's of stations from ...2010.07.09 18:16:00
- Not supported, keep the learning skills. If people want to learn faster they will invest the time in ...2010.07.09 18:00:00
- I definately support this as it will save RL time, and not be such a headache. This is a game and sh ...2010.07.09 17:50:00
- Also having issues with Charon after the patch...every 7th jump or so, while warping to 0 I land 253 ...2010.06.29 20:10:00
- I agree with Drek, in that the missions that I choose to run because I'm trying to build standings w ...2010.04.30 15:31:00

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