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- Do the white bars represent resource concentration, rate of regeneration, or both?I'm assuming that ...2011.04.21 15:44:00
- I seem to remember that the transfer times are based on the link's capacity that you transfer throug ...2011.04.21 12:23:00
- Do Oceanic planets provide a better yield for Auqeuos Liquids compare to a Barren planet?That is a g ...2011.04.21 12:17:00
- Great tool. Thanks for building this! ...2011.03.29 14:12:00
- Another benefits with the new ECUs is that they don't have a fixed cutoff date, you can actually sub ...2010.10.13 14:23:00
- Its not fun but it makes me alot of ISK for minimum effort.This.I actually don't mind PI, takes up v ...2010.10.13 13:19:00
- Good to see improvements and CSM feedback coming along. Keep up the good work. ...2010.10.13 12:54:00
- Edited by: Professor Tarantula on 04/10/2010 14:12:39 The reason for refactoring the backend of a c ...2010.10.04 15:05:00
- If we knew what they were trying to achieve by recoding the UI it probably wouldn't be so bad. Seems ...2010.10.04 13:48:00
- Edited by: Nuadi on 05/09/2010 00:55:54 Hi Ange,Can you provide some more info for us, so we can be ...2010.09.05 00:08:00
- Wow, that's a huge wall of text. Read it once... going to have to read again. Simply wanted to give ...2010.08.16 18:36:00
- 1) Ignore feature in forums2) Mining Barges/Exhumers with launcher hardpoints3) Ship indicators on s ...2010.08.03 14:13:00
- From what I understand, the population dynamic in Jita prohibits fleet fights due in part to the s ...2010.08.02 16:26:00
- As per rule 17 in the Terms of Service: #17 You may not engage in any activity that increases the ...2010.08.02 16:20:00
- So what I am unclear about is why it's OK to stage epic battles in 0.0 where the node distribution s ...2010.08.02 15:36:00

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