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- Whenever I had another window open on top of EVE (eg a web browser), then the parts of the EVE windo ...2006.12.28 23:28:00
- I had this happen yesterday as well - one of my two clients had the framerate drop to 3-5 fps, resta ...2006.12.19 20:58:00
- Simple nVidia solutions to a long thread...Dual Monitor: Horizontal Span mode in drivers. Triple Mo ...2006.12.09 17:22:00
- it ignores the height and width settings in prefs.ini (as you've found. :) ) You need to set it fro ...2006.12.09 17:20:00
- i have run at 3840 X 1024 for 6 months now and EVE supports it properly,screen isn't stretched by m ...2006.12.09 16:36:00
- I'm pretty sure I had AA enabled prior to the Kali patch, so my guess is that something changed in t ...2006.12.08 18:24:00
- Disabling Anti-Aliasing did it, but you can leave AF on, and it will work.Addendum: After a degree ...2006.12.08 15:08:00
- It's not ATI specific. I get the same thing on my NVIDIA 8800GTX. ...2006.12.08 04:45:00
- Edited by: Dellepse on 07/12/2006 16:22:22 Edited by: Dellepse on 07/12/2006 16:09:46 I have the s ...2006.12.07 16:07:00
- I have a similar system.E6600/Gigabyte DQ6 mb/4G RAM/EVGA 8800GTX. The big difference between your ...2006.12.06 04:10:00
- is there an index somewhere of the chronicles? timeline reading order, anythign like that? ...2006.12.04 21:12:00
- Edited by: Dellepse on 26/11/2006 21:33:23 I have one of these as well. C2D E6600, 4G RAM, using t ...2006.11.26 21:33:00
- I'm using two chars, I'd just like to be able to display the remaining training time for both on the ...2006.11.16 16:26:00
- Very nice. :) Two things - 1. the auto-scrolling checkboxes are backwards - if they're unchecked, i ...2006.11.16 13:45:00
- Edited by: Dellepse on 15/11/2006 02:01:44 As stated above, using the G15 to bind keys etc etc has ...2006.11.15 01:59:00

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