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- Ability to link to events in MOTD for channels or even linking to them in any way shape or form woul ...2010.05.28 16:59:00
- You mean remove the fix that was put in about 2-3 expansions into the game?Also removing the gates a ...2010.05.28 16:53:00
- As it is, it's not possible to link to an event.If you have the Communication Officer role in your c ...2010.05.27 00:19:00
- Is it posible to setup a calendar event and link to it in a chat / MOTD for a channel?It would be ni ...2010.05.27 00:06:00
- EVE Online: Tyrannis will be deployed during an extended downtime on Wednesday, May 26, 2010 beginni ...2010.05.26 11:35:00
- Did CCP mention how long it would take to get the patch up anywhere? If anyone wants to get the cli ...2010.05.26 11:27:00
- To the soldiers in Iraq:Watch the news page, CCP sometimes put up news item saying that the patch is ...2010.05.26 11:01:00
- Hmmm, this is not what I wanted to hear :(Looks like I may have to investigate other idea's for the ...2009.10.16 17:36:00
- Ok this might sound like a daft question but does anyone know where I can download the music in the ...2009.10.14 20:31:00
- 2 things come to mind when watching the video:1) TechnoOveur was the best laugh for a long time. 2) ...2009.10.08 16:58:00
- Edited by: Auh''rykk on 20/08/2009 19:56:25 Just bought the game like two hours ago...I am not sure ...2009.08.20 20:00:00
- Go here..... serviceFunnily enough, that's who I'm swapping to ...2009.07.14 09:10:00
- Edited by: soren tores on 13/07/2009 21:14:27 Edited by: soren tores on 13/07/2009 21:10:39 it alw ...2009.07.13 21:18:00
- Try to reinstall WinXP -> something could have gone wrong at the first install.Check all hardware co ...2007.01.20 12:13:00

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