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- CCP have consistently claimed that Dust was multiformat. The console specs haven't changed. We can a ...2011.06.07 15:25:00
- not sure if anyone has mentioned it in the post or not but if get to the overseer room and he's not ...2010.06.02 09:18:00
- Edited by: Ashmira Wintereyes on 01/06/2010 09:53:44 Edited by: Ophelia Ursus on 31/05/2010 17:50:4 ...2010.06.01 09:53:00
- I noticed that there are players on the T2 ship market that for some reason started to dump their sh ...2010.05.20 08:31:00
- The Mineral influx that is happening in Jita may not have anything to do with tyrannis, We are forge ...2010.05.20 08:25:00
- Now changes to the insurance system, that is the beast that you need to look out for.... prepare you ...2010.05.17 08:53:00
- Edited by: Ashmira Wintereyes on 12/05/2010 14:53:42 Being a bit new to ship invention (done a lot ...2010.05.12 14:51:00
- The most difficult to find sites (0.0) are only scanable with a rigged faction fittet covops.In high ...2010.05.12 14:44:00
- Hi-sec magnetics are virtually useless yes, the only things which yield some sort of profit is the r ...2010.05.12 14:39:00
- Anyone has experience going for level 5 with dual boxing tengu's or any ship combination with a teng ...2010.05.10 12:06:00
- Well, 19:30 is 21:30 CET, so got time to watch another Fringe episode then.... after that when we ca ...2010.05.07 18:49:00
- As far as i have checked, it's impossible with current seeding of resources to produce a final produ ...2010.03.22 12:04:00
- Actually there is a list under the science & industry section of the neocom.You can also enter plane ...2010.03.22 08:33:00
- * When in space there is no way i can see which planets i own command centre's on, in the long run t ...2010.03.21 10:14:00
- Ofcourse this is all still alpha/beta whatever, but in case the brainstorms and all did not come up ...2010.03.20 18:54:00

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