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- Apply already will ya? You won't be sorry. ...2010.07.22 11:51:00
- Thanks MM, and Eve University for all you've done for the game. As a proud Alum, it was my pleasure ...2010.01.16 23:20:00
- I still have my launcher..snowballs melted though..waaa ...2009.12.16 01:13:00
- So, SOE dumbs the game down. Rather than an open ended skill system, you have 6 deadlocked classes t ...2008.10.20 19:26:00
- As one of your recent victims, I'll have to give props to my killer. Nice enough gent..but watch you ...2008.07.30 20:06:00
- Research Project Management allows you to run mulitple research projects with multiple agents if I r ...2008.07.05 20:20:00
- You have to keep the neutral status checked.However, you can create a war target only overview. Not ...2008.06.13 19:00:00
- Well, he's got a point. If there's too much of a risk/not a big enough of a return, why risk a good ...2008.06.05 18:59:00
- I suggest downloading it via torrent. Eve-files is just too painfully slow. Can't wait to watch, the ...2008.05.31 15:18:00
- Edited by: Frelix on 22/05/2008 20:33:53 /signedI'd like an explanation also. Buying GTC's shouldn' ...2008.05.22 20:33:00
- Most young people these days have no patients. they have no patients? What are they doctors?just jok ...2008.04.24 23:39:00
- Hi all and thanks for the feedback. 1. only has 6 programmable G buttons 2. has orange ...2008.04.16 18:57:00
- I love my g15, haven't found it terrifically useful in Eve though because many of functions I'd want ...2008.04.15 20:47:00
- um, what NPC supplied t1 frigates... I don't see any in jita...Maybe he means the newb t1 frigates. ...2008.04.15 20:40:00
- In other words, if the other pilot can dictate the range, he'll win; and if you can dictate range, ...2008.03.14 19:46:00

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