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- There are a ton of things wrong with 0.0, and PvP in general. Supercaps are not one of them. ...2011.08.25 00:47:00
- I can't blame you for attempting to get 2 teams in the final, but that match was a disgrace. You cou ...2011.06.20 02:40:00
- I have to give Darkside a lot of credit. I can usually predict what people will bring pretty well, a ...2011.06.20 02:37:00
- I too would like to see these. I think some of our most exciting matches were in at6. ...2011.06.17 04:55:00
- Edited by: Terianna Eri on 15/06/2011 10:24:54 I would not like to see things like "today we do Gal ...2011.06.15 13:39:00
- I'd recommend some point changes:Faction cruisers - lower them to 13 points. T1 Cruisers - lower t ...2011.06.15 05:21:00
- In UK's defense, I told them to run our ecm setup with a 50/50 split of min/gal jammers. I do believ ...2011.06.13 05:45:00
- Kill2, Smugdoo, and Raivi are all more knowledgeable on tourney tactics than any announcers we've ev ...2011.06.11 23:23:00
- I'm very sorry that you didn't anticipate the possible use of an ECM team by us, that we actually fi ...2011.06.11 20:00:00
- Shamis,How can that be a memorable fight for you? We were all dampened before the match started if ...2011.05.07 04:56:00
- Many of the best fights were from At4, at5, and at6, none of which are readily available to watch. S ...2011.05.06 05:30:00
- This is an official PL sale. ...2011.03.02 06:49:00
- Nice troll. ...2011.02.18 05:15:00
- No need to force people to do what they already want to do: win. ...2011.02.09 00:21:00
- Look at all these scrubs not knowing that PL has pulled off some fantastic corp thefts in its day.Se ...2011.02.04 22:44:00

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