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- No bro this game needs you to get out !Never stop probing your intentions ccp !What a lovely survey ...2011.07.08 08:25:00
- SNIPERSgive em back Too late man, CCP has a new feature now its about reporting bots on a magic drop ...2011.07.08 08:20:00
- Just a sorry excuse to make players intimidated.Hundreds of macros/bots are reported monthly guess h ...2011.07.08 08:14:00
- Karma CCP , KarmaDo you believe it now ? ...2011.07.06 00:15:00
- Skunk Thx for this.To the old days and keeping it real all this time.Now you CSM are toys in the han ...2011.07.03 21:31:00
- -4 accountsSo many lies and tricks used by ccp that trust will never re surface again.How long until ...2011.07.03 21:15:00
- You can fly to Iceland .But you will never change Hilmar an his associates mentality of making more ...2011.07.03 05:11:00
- You have cancelled your EVE Online subscription.Your account will be suspended at the end of the cur ...2011.06.30 10:26:00
- Lets see what are you good and its only first page... I post a lot cause...Ranked #261, ...2011.06.29 22:22:00
- But but but but but but but I am still a forum troll i love the forums long timeI SWEAR I WILL NEVA ...2011.06.29 22:10:00
- yoGeneral Windypops The Littlest ***ots En Garde im a ***got Can someone tell this ****ing idiot ...2011.06.29 21:50:00
- I agree with the OPTo some extent i blame CCP Soundwave who with his team decided small corps who pv ...2011.06.27 20:25:00
- Edited by: dankeeys on 26/06/2011 18:22:53 Edited by: dankeeys on 26/06/2011 17:35:14 Edited by: d ...2011.06.26 23:39:00
- So not really worth my time but i will reply to you , Dankeeys .You seem to be at loss in this post ...2011.06.26 15:09:00
- What have the CSM members did to small corp PVP ?What have the CSM members contributed to make CCP s ...2011.06.26 11:48:00

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