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- I recall reading a while back that the Pirate Entrapment Array was broken at release of Dominion, ...2011.02.24 20:11:00
- you DONT have TOO type with RANDOMLY capitalized WORDS in your SENTENCES in fact it IS quite OBNOXIO ...2010.09.27 16:01:00
- Kick BTLS ...2010.01.03 03:30:00
- I submitted bug report 90714 for an anomaly in NOL failing to despawn/respawn however it was filtere ...2009.12.24 22:51:00
- If pirate magnet V gives you 4 anomalies of that grade, it's still not 'enough', especially when y ...2009.12.23 20:22:00
- The word I'm getting is that there are still instances of anomalies not despawning. Anyone else stil ...2009.12.15 16:26:00
- CCP has not released any official numbers on what the requirements are for various levels. ...2009.12.09 17:36:00
- I know I shouldn't feed the trolls but I can't resist:<rant> You whiners and trolls in this thread ...2009.12.09 17:16:00
- Submitted ID 89196. ...2009.12.06 16:43:00
- Just posting to state that while testing on SiSi we encountered an instance of the anomalies not des ...2009.12.04 21:58:00
- Firstly, I have hope for this system. I am anxious to see what levels 4 and 5 bring to the table as ...2009.11.23 01:07:00
- I like the idea of being able to "lock" a character to prevent transfer or termination. At least it' ...2009.10.10 22:42:00
- This is a pretty good idea. Expanding on it a bit, why not require an e-mail confirmation of all tra ...2009.10.09 20:59:00
- Edited by: Frabba on 09/10/2009 20:45:34 ...2009.10.09 20:45:00
- So your opinion is that goons are afraid of shoosting?or they love the taste of carebear tearsWinner ...2009.09.17 19:16:00

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