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- It is worth noting that if you plan on using decryptors to increase your T2 BPC runs you need to use ...2010.03.31 07:03:00
- Best part, is you can undercut all the other suppliers and still get rich. Hell, you can even sell t ...2010.03.25 06:58:00
- I was ratting in hostile null a week back with a stealth bomber and a cargo cruiser (on an alt). I f ...2010.03.15 12:42:00
- My stats are 469 (uniform) tank, 274 dps and it costs half the price of the sentry Domi. Have you ...2010.03.08 10:20:00
- People are always picking on the Myrm, but imho it is a pretty versatile ship. I've flown a shield t ...2010.03.08 08:48:00
- And if you feel that it would take too long to train for them, check out a little area of space know ...2010.03.04 12:47:00
- I find alot of sites but 9 0ut of 10 times its already been done. And I start right after down time ...2010.03.04 06:55:00
- If you moved from a C1 to C2 you might just be seeing the effect of having less frigs to kill. IIRC, ...2010.03.03 07:48:00
- I think there are some huge holes in this idea.Firstly if you are competing with me I mine, mission, ...2010.03.03 07:30:00
- Your software looks interesting. I wrote a similar tool (gets data from eve-central, does some numbe ...2010.03.02 08:01:00
- what exactly is chaining? and are there any good rats in low sec?Chaining is finding a nice fat BS ...2010.03.01 07:55:00
- I wrote myself a synopsis of this thread which I planned to post here. It got very long and I was re ...2010.02.28 07:17:00
- IIRC, sleeper salvage is completely random (i.e. you get whatever you get from any ship class and th ...2010.02.27 13:35:00
- I run 2 accounts on 2 screens, from the same client. If you have extra HDD space you can copy the ...2010.02.24 16:10:00
- Take a Vexor fit that looks promising (like the one suggested above or another from e.g. battleclini ...2010.02.24 09:26:00

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