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- NO ...2011.06.25 18:33:00
- Living in 2 Countries simultaniously that dont even border each other? Styrian reporting in btw ;) ...2011.02.22 13:08:00
- This is the horse, the horse is amazing!/me gets a Cat o' nine tails ...2011.02.10 19:57:00
- The Widow bonus is abit FUBAR tbh.A 500m ship with medslots as tank and then it needs to sacrifice s ...2011.01.10 14:02:00
- Militaries are sustainable and necessary, welfare states are not.All dictators would be proud of yo ...2011.01.02 17:43:00
- No love for ashimmu? IMO it's the worse pirate cruiser combining the worst parts of a Curse and Zeal ...2010.12.16 16:18:00
- Eagle itself is already very meh, not enough PG for a Hybrid ship. Combined with the fact that Railg ...2010.12.11 20:11:00
- Machine Info (1) OS version: Win7 64-Bit CPU: AMD Athlon64 X4400+ @ 2x 2.2Ghz GPU: ATI ...2010.12.10 13:05:00
- I have noticed a similiar bug with invention chance too.5/10 for the amount of people you caught. ...2010.12.05 22:05:00
- New BG was very good up to the third season, then it started going downhill pretty quickly. ...2010.11.26 12:42:00
- Technically the ESC Menu appears since if you go around where its boundaries are the mouse cursor ch ...2010.11.15 19:41:00
- If youíre a new player, itís a great way to learn the customer service petition system.CCP humor, be ...2010.11.15 17:56:00
- Today i tweaked around with a few Graphics settings like AA etc. . Since then i find myself unable ...2010.11.14 15:59:00
- same problem here, id guess its a new feature to promote walking in stations though ...2010.11.14 12:19:00
- The fit i use: Damage Control II Capacitor Power Relay II Capacitor Power Relay I Capacitor Powe ...2010.11.07 20:01:00

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