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- I personally think that 10au is a bit to little. If you are set on doing this I would prefer a 20au ...2010.04.12 20:30:00
- Will only be beneficial to PvE pilots and would hurt PvP due to making it easier for larger blobs to ...2010.03.22 03:07:00
- what is it with people responding to idiots."Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to hi ...2010.03.19 02:45:00
- only half way through but lol at whoring on to the proteus kill. So far p. good ...2010.03.16 18:37:00
- 0sht-a.There is that object 'device' it does stuff ...2010.03.15 01:38:00
- Edited by: Atreus Tac on 12/03/2010 12:56:49Damage Control II Magnetic Field Stabilizer II Magneti ...2010.03.12 12:56:00
- get better warpins or fit cruises ...2010.03.06 16:26:00
- 1.) Make faction ships even better but harder to get, for exmaple only from rat drops rather than mi ...2010.03.06 09:37:00
- Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer Federation Navy Magnetic Field Stabilizer Federation N ...2010.03.03 13:04:00
- On the 19th of April I'm backing packing around those four amazing countries for what I hope to be t ...2010.03.02 11:02:00
- Nah I just got 1 for free and wanted to used it but seems there is no reason to do that as a zealot ...2010.03.01 00:36:00
- i see white ...2010.03.01 00:28:00
- you really havent been playing that long have you ...2010.03.01 00:22:00
- Bad denuo bad. ...2010.02.20 18:19:00
- Is it just me or is there now a ship that truly fits what I think high end frigates should be.Hard t ...2010.02.20 17:51:00

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