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- What happened to this winner: Tornado Yeah, what did happen to this design/artist? On the CaS pag ...2011.05.01 19:52:00
- 1. This is the second contest. The Tornado won the first (with far better prizes, I might add)2. The ...2011.04.19 20:27:00
- Edited by: Obsidian Sun on 14/11/2009 02:52:36 Pft typical, ad hominems right off the bat. Even if ...2009.11.14 02:51:00
- Can anyone tell me what advantages Minmatar ships have even left after all the nerfs to them?Because ...2009.11.13 02:06:00
- Edited by: Obsidian Sun on 13/09/2009 04:58:34 I pretty much came out immediately to my corp (and o ...2009.09.13 04:54:00
- We were actually in 0.0 and we all have pretty high standings with CONCORD, we also have an NRDS pol ...2009.03.22 00:38:00
- I'm not surprised at the wardec. I've always considered E-Uni as one of the more iconic corps in EVE ...2009.03.21 14:07:00

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