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- I've read a lot of the stuff on PI and did a little playing about on SiSi but haven't noticed anythi ...2010.05.29 10:57:00
- Errr, do you really mean OpenOffice 3.3? I have the latest version which is only 3.2 ...2010.04.30 08:32:00
- Don't have one yet, but working hard and saving my iskies. And when I can afford one it'll be my rew ...2010.04.23 06:49:00
- Do you not mean 40M+ rather than 40K+? Might do slightly better if you edit the title and OP. ...2010.04.12 08:48:00
- Edited by: graalman on 07/04/2010 08:53:12P.P.S. I even spent the time editing the post (twice) to r ...2010.04.07 09:08:00
- Expand empire turning some 0.4's into 0.5's and so on randomly, and increase some 0.0's into 0.1's a ...2010.03.27 12:34:00

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