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- Edited by: Zan Shiro on 17/06/2011 06:56:38 hmm, paying to repair after you get killed. why does th ...2011.06.17 06:56:00
- Edited by: Zan Shiro on 17/06/2011 04:46:47Now if you wanted to complain about cruising low sec for ...2011.06.17 04:46:00
- I'll take the bait....why would a cruiser jumped by a bc, seeing they can't break tank, not disenga ...2011.05.25 04:24:00
- All my rail specific skills on the combat char. Got to fleet rokh, said screw this and respeced to ...2011.05.25 01:58:00
- to get decent money you'll want the relevant science skill to 3/4 (lever 3 core agents need 3, lev ...2011.05.25 01:41:00
- Oh no.An icon is too white.Oh. No.ya I like the new graphic personally. Gives it pop. ...2011.05.24 22:04:00
- husband needs to lock computer when away from it lol.Also biomass takes a few hours...its a 2 step p ...2011.05.24 00:28:00
- not using your account password for corp forums/comm channels goes along way to not getting hacked. ...2011.05.23 21:51:00
- And then when a larger alliance crushes those on the moon and takes it anyway?What then?It seems to ...2011.05.23 05:56:00
- They should have 20% longer range than others, by half the mining yield.They should also have tracki ...2011.05.23 05:04:00
- Edited by: Zan Shiro on 22/05/2011 22:49:17 Yes it does already show it but sometimes the text can ...2011.05.22 22:49:00
- take time to make ss bm's while in warp if a system you'll see more than once Or as has been done f ...2011.05.22 22:41:00
- technical limitation...eve is a sql database with a game on top of it. Not getting randomly genera ...2011.05.19 04:12:00
- Rokh is just terrible at the moment. There are much better options.depends on the situation. If you ...2011.05.19 00:27:00
- Anyone got any ideas how Ccp could balance gallant and make them better (if they ever get round to i ...2011.05.18 23:25:00

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