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- Absolutely not. I like the implementation of logistics as it is. Thumbs down. ...2011.01.03 14:58:00
- "perfect" on paper scenarios are a plague on forums but they really shouldn't be what one looks at ...2010.12.29 08:10:00
- While I'm nowhere near a Gallente pilot (Don't even have the BS skill trained lol) my solution to th ...2010.12.28 15:39:00
- Blasters HAD a niche, but the web/speed nerfs took that away, then the AC buff added insult to injur ...2010.12.28 15:33:00
- 1 giving blaster more range would mean lowering their dps to balance the things 2 speed and low buf ...2010.12.28 15:18:00
- This is an atrocious idea. Web range was never an issue. All you've done is make it possible to we ...2010.12.27 18:33:00
- Was obvious.And this is another "people who defend the status quo unquestioningly or blindly (or i ...2010.12.25 01:59:00
- Huh? You mean you don't play dead when hit with TD, or that damps do not cycle dependent on rang ...2010.12.24 23:53:00
- Having been in quite a few large blobs and flown ahacs, battleships and drakes I see a few problems ...2010.12.24 09:32:00
- Do you really want the game to be that the only possible response to a rock is a bigger or more ro ...2010.12.24 09:25:00
- Your post spends a lot of words, none of which address the issue at hand. All of them, however, ma ...2010.12.24 09:04:00
- I've been a highsec PVPer. I don't PVP in highsec because I'm afraid of low/nullsec. I PVP in hig ...2010.12.24 07:11:00
- The vindicator makes the best of a bad situation, but it's STILL a bad situation. Blasters are one ...2010.12.24 03:24:00
- This is just another thread blaming blobbing on a single element of the game. Drakes aren't OP, blo ...2010.12.24 03:14:00
- Somewhere along the line I missed the twist of logic that made people think that small gangs should ...2010.12.24 03:12:00

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