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- Microsoft Security Essentials for AV Protection and Malwarebytes for Malware Protection. ...2011.02.18 18:54:00
- Metal Dude...I love you too. ...2011.02.07 13:40:00
- I can confirm this as genuine intel. ...2011.02.05 10:52:00
- How to win a sov war:1) Get lucky when a director walks up to you with the keys to disbanding your e ...2011.02.03 19:57:00
- Well Done ...2011.01.20 18:59:00
- I never considered you as a see you next tuesday kind of guy. Well lesson learned. ...2011.01.09 09:38:00
- This is a nice video. ...2011.01.02 11:48:00
- What you expect with 1600+ players...real time gameplay? ...2010.12.12 10:14:00
- bye ...2010.10.04 12:01:00
- Thread about a ship I will never fly. I don't CARE!!! ...2010.09.03 09:24:00
- This stuff is really boring. I didn't even read it and I know it's boring. Don't post stuff like thi ...2010.09.03 09:22:00
- He speaks the TRUTH!!! Even teh best alliance in the GAME (I.T) could not breach its bulborous man h ...2010.09.03 09:15:00
- My viewpoint on last evenings events. Shot some small pos in Syndicate. Then went somewhere north. T ...2010.08.31 12:02:00
- Apologies guys, you are quite right, on closer inspection there's no uniformity at all. Every single ...2010.08.30 16:15:00
- I'm most interested in the zealot fit they fielded. It's uniformity across pilots clearly mark it as ...2010.08.30 15:38:00

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