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- These are really good PVPers and really good guys...+1 ...2011.07.31 15:44:00
- Just as the title mentioned a 35 mil sp character looking for a low stress but highly active Corp. H ...2011.07.27 14:08:00
- I should be able to attend... ...2011.07.05 14:14:00
- I'd like to thank the Caldari pilots whom have fought by my side, goodluck... ...2011.05.18 22:18:00
- I should pay attention to this more often, it's a good laugh... ...2011.04.04 02:50:00
- Hydra Reloaded took over Tama, a corpie and I decided to take them on in Stealth Bombers. Needless t ...2011.03.22 10:48:00
- This is interesting... ...2011.01.25 22:57:00

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