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- Loaded first account, walked around the room, looked at a couple things, noticed that there was NO c ...2011.06.22 13:52:00
- New Test forums down? Firefox can't find the server at ...2011.06.16 12:25:00
- Actually it should be the last successful hit, weather that be an ECM Jam/Web/Scram or AC/Arty/Blast ...2011.06.09 03:26:00
- Daily Bump and subject change ...2011.06.01 21:08:00
- The capacitor display turned transparent (or disappeared) somehow when you "aim" it at a very bright ...2011.06.01 09:13:00
- Well considering that the Character Creator chugged on my PC, I kinda dread what will happen in Capt ...2011.05.31 09:41:00
- Seriously no comments for or against? -Also daily Bump ...2011.05.31 09:26:00
- Stop trying to do PvP on the gates and stations and actually go an hunt your targets, you know in Be ...2011.05.31 09:19:00
- Edited by: Caldari 5 on 01/06/2011 21:07:48 Dual TimeZones - Simple enough default view is all in E ...2011.05.30 08:02:00
- History Tab Change - Why? Seriously when missioning you look at loot tab, when PvPing look at broadc ...2011.05.18 14:11:00
- First up 100% Against Amalgamating the Divisions 100% For Removing QualityALRIGHT, whose stupid id ...2011.05.16 12:57:00
- Edited by: Caldari 5 on 05/05/2011 07:39:16 There's a way to recruit in eve? I'll have to have a lo ...2011.05.05 07:39:00
- Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Gallente meant to be the Drones Race? and there are ECM Drones r ...2011.05.05 06:56:00
- Also a way to get a faster undock is to get in a fleet, have the squad commander sit cloaked outside ...2011.05.03 08:29:00
- there is a difference between powergrid and CPU - powergrid scales more with ship size, while CPU is ...2011.05.03 04:53:00

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