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- Fantasy football league for people who play EVE and like football and are intelligent. It's a rare c ...2011.07.28 08:24:00
- Big up uno dem sistren. Mek haste an sidung pon mi hose. Wi gwaan hab a bashment time. ...2011.01.21 13:37:00
- Actually, 'roughly anal survey' was the better description, although 'extremely anal survey' would b ...2010.10.19 08:05:00
- Gratz PL. Another solid showing.Well done to Hydra Reloaded on getting to the final. Shame it went p ...2010.06.21 08:35:00
- You're overlooking the stacking penalty of chest-beating. If you do it too much, the effect is negat ...2010.05.23 11:53:00
- theres an npc titan in luminaire I think, or you can "see preview" from market also in before a lot ...2010.04.28 09:29:00
- As an IT pilot, I see bombers on a regular basis and occasionally die to them too. I am loathed to c ...2010.04.23 09:05:00
- On this great St. George's Day I would like to wish TCF a belated Happy 4th Birthday. ...2010.04.23 07:09:00
- Is this Goons last desperate attempt to prove that BoB will never again be a significant space holdi ...2010.02.04 09:00:00
- This just in:OrDeR > bump our recruitment trhead ...2009.07.11 20:19:00
- 1st birthday celebrations are so last year.P3n15btw, Aberash and Fitz Chivalry are the wa*kers in th ...2009.07.10 10:31:00
- Fawlty TowersMore laughs per mniute than any other sit-com. ...2009.06.12 07:22:00
- Goonswarm on Eve-O Attention seeking again When will it all end ...2009.06.11 07:02:00
- I agree with the OP with regards to 0.0 being too safe for 0.0 space holders but this how I would ch ...2009.03.31 10:44:00
- Fitz Chivalry discovered secret planet XXX before anybody, so it's not a secret. ...2008.10.21 12:13:00

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