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- ..or how many of them weight 23424234 pounds because of sitting in front of computer all day...Petit ...2008.02.27 22:05:00
- has an awesome system for this.User on User Moderation. You get mod points for havin ...2008.02.14 23:15:00
- I'd think any of the trasport ships, if fit with extenders / plates and some resists, could survive ...2008.02.14 20:18:00
- The last question is kinda confusing...I mean, it depends... is the pirate on fire? Was the Vampir ...2008.02.14 20:14:00
- better not put my billion isk on e-bay then But seriously thou? Do CCp think people just DON'T KNOW ...2008.02.14 20:03:00
- What can you do, really?I don't get to play much, and when I do I mostly want to PVP. I suck at it, ...2008.02.14 19:59:00
- Edited by: Kraven Kor on 14/02/2008 18:42:22 ...massive negative feedback...from devblogs...request ...2008.02.14 18:39:00
- Edited by: Montasque on 09/02/2008 17:49:41 Edited by: Montasque on 09/02/2008 17:43:55 The bigges ...2008.02.11 19:56:00
- EVE deserves no such award so long as Fleet fights can't occur without crippling lag, be it by makin ...2008.02.08 21:55:00
- It's from the second alliance tournament when IAC lost to BoB in the semi-finals, so like a year a ...2008.02.05 19:29:00
- Edited by: HEY LISTEN on 04/02/2008 19:07:15 Edited by: Zerv on 04/02/2008 18:56:50That would be fi ...2008.02.04 19:32:00
- Please do not discuss forum moderation on the forums. If you have any questions feel free to email a ...2008.02.04 18:46:00
- Please post constructively. ~Saint ...2008.02.04 17:37:00
- someone takes this game a bit to serious i see.i can see that bob are much more chill these days b ...2008.02.04 17:25:00
- Sturmgrenadier picked the wrong side of the coin and it's a real shame. :(This.I'd still be with the ...2008.02.01 20:50:00

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