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- Edited by: Gaius Kador on 30/11/2007 16:05:57 To me, Dark Seraph died a long time ago.As did you, V ...2007.12.01 00:21:00
- I'd argue that starting an announcement thread re: your organization does precisely that; declare qu ...2007.11.28 15:45:00
- This is my first return to this thread since my initial post and I find myself rather too fatigued t ...2007.11.26 01:36:00
- Words have tarnished our people for millenia, so few words will be spoken here. We are the order of ...2007.11.20 17:27:00
- Said letter was a preemptive letter in the event of something going wrong, as it has. There was an i ...2007.10.21 06:20:00
- Edited by: Verjigorm on 22/10/2007 03:44:54 -- ...2007.10.21 05:17:00
- In showing this what did you hope to prove? To me it is nothing more than a footnote. I am looking ...2007.09.07 22:59:00
- It seems that Revan has made some considerable changes since my departure from the Veil. Some tha ...2007.09.07 15:28:00
- Edited by: Verjigorm on 25/08/2007 07:16:03 What can I say that will not be viewed as the arrogant ...2007.08.25 07:14:00
- Edited by: Verjigorm on 10/08/2007 16:59:48You very obviously are not familiar with Dark Seraph faci ...2007.08.10 16:59:00
- First, I shall offer the summary of Dr. Vennas Kratas:In the case of subject 01, Revan Neferis, we w ...2007.08.10 14:16:00
- Seems so, but there is a side-story too. High level Blooder ranks are, by tradition, limited to "Pu ...2007.08.09 23:08:00
- Edited by: Verjigorm on 09/08/2007 16:12:01 The Library of Thral, home to a complete codex of the g ...2007.08.09 16:11:00
- RIP ...2007.05.12 20:29:00
- Tongue-in-cheek humour FTW. I laughed for hours. ...2007.02.15 17:59:00

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