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- Is there any chance that through some tweaks we could get a chance at viable Vargur fits with artill ...2009.09.23 17:17:00
- Confirm these and there's other issues with the map as well. Opening map and switching to solar syst ...2007.12.20 14:50:00
- Open and close map and they will reappear also. I have this problem each time I change ship in stat ...2007.12.20 14:47:00
- Try flying in ONE ship around Dodixie at evening hours (sever time).I'm kind of getting used to emer ...2007.12.14 13:09:00
- Edited by: Trilium Eagle on 14/12/2007 09:17:47 Sadly as of patch before trinity hidden belts are n ...2007.12.14 09:16:00
- Eve is offering a 30 bit rendering mode. I need to admit I didn't look close enought to check if ban ...2007.12.14 09:03:00
- I was able to bug report this succefully and it's now attached to defect. ...2007.12.14 08:47:00
- Reading all this propositions is nice.. as It's my role currently to give gang bonuses on mining ops ...2007.12.13 15:43:00
- Item is still for sale. ...2007.12.12 09:55:00
- Item is still for sale. ...2007.12.12 09:54:00
- Misina as you choose Matar I recommend hoping into Probe frigate with some exploration skills first. ...2007.12.11 13:20:00
- Centii A-Type Thermic plating - passive 35.25% thermal resist Centii A-Type Adaptive nano plating - ...2007.12.11 13:04:00
- Starting bid is 60m. ...2007.12.10 22:35:00
- Minimum bid is 400m. ...2007.12.10 22:35:00
- Please post only reasonable bids. Item will be contracted in Perimeter solar system. ...2007.12.10 19:38:00

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