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- As stated above, online atm. Will accept quickly ...2011.08.11 19:39:00
- Slopes, slopes for the...bah... nevermind. ...2011.06.27 10:42:00
- Let's get one thing out of the way. WIDOT doesn't want threads that have idiots poasting in yellow i ...2011.05.10 20:30:00
- Fair enough. ...2011.04.20 19:30:00
- Shame, looks like three times wasn't the charm. To bad CCP never gets back to those that apply in ge ...2011.04.16 16:54:00
- That's racist bro. ...2011.04.05 14:09:00
- Gentlemen, LadiesAfter multiple incursions of DeKlein coalition space, EV0KE has continued to show t ...2011.03.27 18:28:00
- No...more....terribad poasting speec. back to your chamberFailpoasting, it's the WIDOT way. Just tak ...2011.03.25 19:20:00
- Woe be ye, WIDOT has gotten itself a member with access to a streaming studio. What to do with this ...2011.03.25 16:55:00
- Edited by: Speec on 25/03/2011 15:21:35 Yes, I was actually thinking to do something like that. Get ...2011.03.25 15:21:00
- Edited by: Speec on 25/03/2011 15:50:07 Yes, WIDOT has an internal entertainment team that stops at ...2011.03.24 17:15:00
- Yes come and spank us, we've been dirty little kitties, such dirty little kitties. ...2011.03.23 11:08:00
- Lets put things into perspective here; Last week I was at CeBit as part of a team of around 50 peopl ...2011.03.11 19:23:00
- By leaving TEST we've forced OMFG to use CAOD as their jabber channel. Should be interesting.Atleast ...2011.02.17 16:07:00
- Brosef´sIn light of recent developments and the continuous evolution in the WIDOT culture we´ve deci ...2011.02.07 01:22:00

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