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- Thank you to all who contacted me in game all books I needed I now have. Thanks. Fly safe all. ...2011.08.06 08:50:00
- Astronautic engineering is available in Jita ... for a few bil. lolAstronautic Angineering now obtai ...2011.07.31 09:14:00
- Salvage Drone - All skillbooks removed. Only injected skills remain. Astronautic - Never issued. I ...2011.07.30 22:30:00
- Now have Mobile Refinery,Still looking for the others. ...2011.07.24 16:19:00
- Looking for Salvage Drone Operation skillWilling to pay a high price are there any still out there? ...2011.07.24 00:14:00
- Hi all,Looking for any of these rare skills.Salvage Drone Operation Mobile Factory Operation Mobil ...2011.07.23 19:33:00

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