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- Still accepting applications.Come and join us, you konw that you want to! ...2010.04.24 18:20:00
- My 2 cents. Add two tiny buttons to the UI, there are warp too points used for miners from station ...2006.09.08 20:35:00
- A fix would be nice, I have all the above snags but the workaround dosn't work around. ...2006.09.08 20:08:00
- This worked for me: load the game as normal, when the window pops up for the patch, ctrl alt del and ...2006.09.06 16:27:00
- If it's clock based try installing Clockmon, set it to 1 min interval and 100ms difference max and t ...2006.07.06 17:19:00
- Have you tried a snore guard as well, I cannot sleep with out mine now. I also suffer from some, how ...2006.05.24 16:38:00
- Try Taff ...2006.05.03 04:55:00
- I run two instances of Eve togeter over my Trust 108mb WR. I set it up to use super g without turbo, ...2006.04.28 03:24:00
- I think the research agent continues to learn, you can carry on with your new corp and build up the ...2006.04.21 14:28:00
- Could you go into this third stage already in a pod, fly away a goodly distance make a BM and then r ...2006.04.19 10:23:00
- Anyone any experiance with SLIe and how Eve operates under duel Cards??? ...2006.04.18 12:11:00
- Just tried to log into your website with firefox 1.5 and got this message Module PNphpBB2 not av ...2006.04.06 12:51:00
- I once uncloaked between 2 battleships and let loose (after the dalay) with 4 smartbombs whilst they ...2006.03.26 12:31:00
- I have one for sale - but the offer will need to be good for this infinate tank. ...2006.03.24 20:42:00
- Nice sigs, anyone else looking forward to Star Trek online? ...2006.03.16 22:29:00

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