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- No don't work in the square mile, But Bank is just a short hop from Canary wharf, so I'll hijack th ...2004.06.22 00:01:00
- Darn,Why did I plan my holidays for april? Count me in for the sequal in the london area when that ...2004.03.25 18:37:00
- Here's a question for ye...Speaking of Ireland/Cork and gaming conventions.. Any of you folks going ...2004.01.02 17:04:00
- lo Folks...Just curious . Did this meet ever happen ? Are ye planning another one ?Rymar ...2004.01.02 16:59:00
- Balham resident here... Did any 'souf of da river' people ever met up for a bevvy?Rymar ...2004.01.02 16:51:00
- truncated content ...2003.06.03 15:56:00

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