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- Still.....denying....the.....urge Argh... well I knew our bandname was gonna backfire eventually ^ ...2004.12.15 05:41:00
- Past games ... well, actually my list is gonna include current games too Battlefield 1942, all addon ...2004.12.14 05:54:00
- RIP Dimebag, you'll never be forgotten ...2004.12.09 13:11:00
- Technically my char should be among the oldest... but since someone (forgot how exactly it went) fub ...2004.12.02 15:35:00
- Damn Cyber sorry to see ya go... most drastic move I ever heard about, should just have asked a frie ...2004.11.30 06:55:00
- I have been a fanboy of GTR since playing the press demo which got leaked a couple months ago ^^Also ...2004.11.27 05:46:00
- Pretty much watched a very old UFC tape (Ultimate fighting championship) and saw Bas wtfbbqpwn someo ...2004.11.26 18:32:00
- You should find the demo on either (which is teh uber site for racing mods btw ...2004.11.26 06:09:00
- I actually have a license for Live for Speed S1, and although I gotta say I can see where the devs w ...2004.11.25 15:49:00
- Iron Jack Cash o_O ... actually quite nice :p ...2004.11.25 08:13:00
- Anyone have the full version yet? I only played the demo so far and already found its level of reali ...2004.11.25 08:02:00
- Anti Pirate Legion Force... OMG... one of their members got ganked by a M34t p0p employee a while ag ...2004.11.19 14:39:00
- Edited by: Bas Rutten on 17/11/2004 08:11:09 How could I ever go after an old corpmate from ages ag ...2004.11.17 08:06:00
- Operation Flashpoint: no other shooter has even come remotely close to freak me out like OFP has, I ...2004.11.16 08:18:00
- Vegeta, I just wanted to check your latest piece but ended up reading em all (didn't even know about ...2004.11.16 07:17:00

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