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- ...2011.08.21 07:10:00
- Yes show others networks is broken.I have (in a WH) 6 characters each on 5 different planets totalli ...2011.03.26 07:48:00
- Is it national whining day already?Actually, today is PI day. ...2011.03.14 18:37:00
- Diedra- some comments.I agree with the above posters that the questions with "highest priority" shou ...2011.03.09 06:15:00
- If by "resource gatherers" you mean Extractor Control Units (ECU), there's your main problem right t ...2011.03.02 06:57:00
- I have 2 chars with 5 planets eachI am making Organic Mortar Applicators start to finish.I have 9 pl ...2011.03.02 06:51:00
- Thank you for the very helpful reply! So I should NOT extract anything from the Plasma planet if ...2011.03.02 06:40:00
- Let's start with positive:1. Oh goodness yes, this looks great. I would love this.Negative: 2. Th ...2011.02.14 05:37:00
- Edited by: FlyingSpaghettiMonster on 30/01/2011 00:04:36 Baccano!How did this get so far in with no ...2011.01.30 00:04:00
- How long had you been probing? They have time limit, when the time limit runs out they poof. ...2010.12.30 06:10:00
- When will they be? I notice the "sov" test is in October, I was wondering if there's any upgrades t ...2009.09.21 21:48:00
- 49,175 right now.. we are getting higher... ...2009.09.20 18:47:00
- It would be nice to see a fleet test in the coming month, to test out the new superweapon, and revam ...2009.09.16 05:30:00
- Edited by: FlyingSpaghettiMonster on 07/09/2009 23:34:26'Month' is generally considered the smallest ...2009.09.07 23:34:00
- Go read Footfall and understand why the concept of a "Planetary Defense Installation" is ridiculous. ...2009.08.20 01:26:00

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