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- Even though I don't have any isk to invest at this time I wish you the best of luck. I would welcome ...2011.07.06 05:45:00
- Just for future reference, you could also use Black Frog to move anything up to 360km3 safely to hig ...2011.06.16 23:34:00
- I donated a modest sum to your operation because I like the idea and I wish you luck. No need to pay ...2011.05.06 05:23:00
- Forget NPC goods. Look at manufacturing and industrial goods like minerals, ice products, and moon m ...2011.04.25 19:23:00
- Good Day As you probably already have all seen the mineral prices are firmly on the riseYour timin ...2011.04.23 05:50:00
- Short Orcas ...2011.04.10 19:44:00
- If you are looking for fast and consistent professional courier services in lowsec or nullsec please ...2011.03.31 22:16:00
- I think it's a good concept in theory, and I applaud the effort, but it has been seen in the past th ...2011.03.31 22:06:00
- For the sake of being thorough a list like this should also include things like Torn Soul's BMBE, Gr ...2011.03.25 17:53:00
- We can move this for you provided that NPC stations are used at each end. For specifics on our price ...2011.03.24 17:20:00
- it would take a significantly bigger markup than 500k for me to give up my dividend, these shares ar ...2011.03.22 05:37:00
- That might work, I will look around and see what areas are best, also do I need to have everything i ...2011.03.22 05:25:00
- Edited by: Malcorian Vandsteidt on 22/03/2011 04:57:59 We can move these or any other goods to any ...2011.03.22 05:09:00
- We can move these or any other goods to any lowsec or nullsec NPC station. In addition to standard j ...2011.03.22 04:40:00
- In the first method you mentioned there is potential, but in high volumes. Generally you need a frei ...2011.03.21 21:26:00

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