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- I don't think you really want to lose a golem considering the cost of the ship as well as fitting it ...2011.09.09 16:41:00
- just a small question...would you be using scanning probes on this? IF not, why not use the alt to ...2011.09.06 18:40:00
- Before we start are you SURE you are doing the missions in the most safe, efficient way possible? ...2011.09.02 21:51:00
- Will message ingame ...2011.09.02 19:42:00
- Hi,We are a small scale INDUSTRY corp looking to join an alliance in a null region. We are looking ...2011.09.02 19:26:00
- When do you plan on moving to null? ...2011.09.02 19:21:00
- Bump for reference purposes :) ...2011.09.02 19:18:00
- Gonna bump you guys for reference purposes. Will convo after some more research is done ...2011.09.02 19:12:00
- try 3 tps instead of 2 to hit the smaller targers ...2011.09.01 15:03:00
- Just a noob question here:Doesn't heavy botting fund alliances so they can continuously build capita ...2011.08.31 21:09:00
- Ham tengu sucks compared to the HML tengu unless they are close range missions (damsel in distress)w ...2011.08.31 20:56:00
- you'll need a bit higher to scanner strength down plexes that are of the very hard variety 9/10, 10/ ...2011.08.29 15:49:00
- go to (or come don't remember) and it has a guide for every mission. IT tells you ...2011.08.27 18:28:00
- I did dude above me...that's why i came to the forums because there were no links for the sansha ver ...2011.08.24 22:17:00
- meh, it's no big deal. Hopefully this boils over and i can get back to working for iskies ...2011.08.23 22:31:00

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