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- then spend more time on here than they do in game making stupid thread after stupid threadYour done, ...2009.02.17 02:32:00
- iono, that chatlog didn't do much for me. i guess because suas was p. much like that 23/7 (an hour ...2009.02.17 02:31:00
- absolute power tastes like poop, which is probably why bob didn't want it anyway ...2008.02.12 15:59:00
- Is Crimson Rebellion a good corp?they're hella good. they're so awesome that i asked sesfan if we c ...2008.02.12 04:21:00
- i love you stahlregen :3e; you too dreadllama, i guess ...2008.02.11 23:26:00
- Edited by: HEY LISTEN on 11/02/2008 22:42:59 you obviously don't 'get' goonsThats good cos i most c ...2008.02.11 22:46:00
- you obviously don't 'get' goons ...2008.02.11 22:41:00
- Yes goons are on a very good way to get the most hated alliance in EVE, and i look forward to that d ...2008.02.11 03:16:00
- made of failand you have the nerve to call us 4chan pubbies?christ. ...2008.02.10 05:11:00
- This post has been cleared of inappropriate content.Regards,The EVE Online Moderation team ...2008.02.09 23:19:00
- Its the numbers dude, strength of Will is a joke ... Did you even read my post? LV had the numbe ...2008.02.09 06:26:00
- it's okay tyrrax, you'll always be my special friend :3 ...2008.02.09 06:20:00
- not all goons hate you guys we just got really annoyed when isk farmers would constantly rat in our ...2008.02.09 06:16:00
- it's kinda like RISE, just on a bigger scale vv ...2008.02.09 06:01:00
- Hey Talon, when are you going to update your myspace page? :) ...2008.02.09 05:45:00

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