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- What Eve seriously lacks is tactical gameplay and that is where it alienates your PvP people. There ...2011.06.14 15:29:00
- Edited by: Kabaal S''sylistha on 14/06/2011 01:01:34 Edit: Holy crap I nerdraged. Leaving it as it ...2011.06.14 01:00:00
- Also, I would like to hear a general CCP view on the state of tactical decision making in Eve curren ...2011.06.13 00:34:00
- I like the idea, mostly because the situations it could cause are endless. People could still do thi ...2011.06.12 07:36:00
- Reducing the damage factor or simply having it as % damage solves the drone issue, though I think dr ...2011.06.12 05:56:00
- Edited by: Kabaal S''sylistha on 12/06/2011 01:50:09 For most people, including me, it's the whole ...2011.06.12 01:49:00
- If you look at my battlefield control thread the ideas are similar, except I would deviate away from ...2011.06.12 00:16:00
- Amidst all the lolz, I do like the idea of getting a free limited corp to yourself, but the npc corp ...2011.06.11 23:35:00
- I'm no businessman, but I was under the impression most real world volume sales result from things l ...2011.06.11 22:34:00
- WoW actually does have some very nicely designed boss fights, all other issues with it aside, so I s ...2011.06.11 22:13:00
- A simple enough concept, and one that is already present in the game in a very limited fashion, is t ...2011.06.11 21:56:00
- I think acceleration is a key statistic, especially in the frigate class, that is ignored where it ...2011.06.11 00:07:00
- The idea of an extreme glass cannon isn't without merit. The stealth bomber link is obvious, so I do ...2011.06.10 23:55:00
- Hello, my suggestion is a small heading vector drawn for ships in the tactical overlay. The idea c ...2011.04.02 13:09:00
- I like the concept here. ...2011.04.02 05:34:00

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