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- Last time I checked it took 200 hours to copy a bs bp, thats 8.333333 days. Since when does 20% take ...2003.07.17 19:57:00
- Why can't you delete a topic you started on the forums? Is this a bug or just made to not work for s ...2003.07.13 12:08:00
- I have noticed this happening a lot nowadays. When you log on to the game some of the modules fitted ...2003.07.12 20:02:00
- That ship makes me think of the Death Star in episode VI...Looks like it is half finished, tho it st ...2003.07.08 11:38:00
- Or just run winamp in the background and eve in a window and kill the jukebox, easily done.That way ...2003.07.08 11:34:00
- Keep in mind that you do not want to delete the "Pictures" and "Browser" folders in the cache folder ...2003.07.08 11:12:00
- 1: No 2: No 3: No 4: No 5: No 6: NoI didn't actually adopt the nerf bat sig, but I stood firmly ...2003.07.07 11:55:00
- Keep in mind that you do not want to delete the "Pictures" and "Browser" folders in the cache folder ...2003.07.07 11:32:00
- The one cargo per person would only be a good solution if the cargo container itself refreshed for e ...2003.07.07 11:22:00
- I really wouldn't mind the fact that the servers are down more than the estimate, if the devs would ...2003.07.05 12:17:00
- Or simply make it impossible to have more than 5 cargo containers you've made floating around in the ...2003.07.04 12:10:00
- I would like to see the personal hangar becoming a little more like the corp hangar, with at least o ...2003.07.02 03:37:00
- I would recommend not using any 3rd party program, that is if you want to avoid being banned... ...2003.06.27 12:21:00
- Well, it is knd of annoying when the entire belt is filled with cargo containers, and it would be mo ...2003.06.27 12:19:00
- I earlier posted a suggestion that there should be a corporation bulletin board under the corp butto ...2003.06.23 11:17:00

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