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- I'm all about bigger lasers and more range for miners.If you add a refinery that is completely worth ...2006.12.23 02:39:00
- perhaps the insurance model needs to reference regional market info. insurance companies take into ...2006.03.22 10:06:00
- Are NOS sensitive to sig radius and if not why arent they? That would make the giant NOS as useless ...2006.03.22 10:02:00
- I can see there being a fast cruiser. As mentioned it would require a significant reduction in HP, ...2006.03.21 22:39:00
- When I say insure items, I dont mean you get a replacement for the item, just ISK for the loss. If ...2006.03.20 10:40:00
- I'd like to be able to insure my high priced modules. Especially when the module costs significantl ...2006.03.18 07:22:00
- Edited by: NattyDreadlock on 17/03/2006 21:54:34 Actually implants do nothing to help noobs catch u ...2006.03.17 21:53:00
- I love the way people hate cov ops, it means they are doing there job.The usual complaint is that th ...2006.03.16 20:56:00
- Natty, my only real issue was that one could be locked and not able to hit the warp button because o ...2006.03.16 20:47:00
- Edited by: Jade Mitch on 16/03/2006 18:22:17why ?tracking is based on the gun rather than the ammo ( ...2006.03.16 20:30:00
- I assume you'd be using the mid-grade cloak in which case you either use a BM to insta-jump which ma ...2006.03.16 06:14:00
- Hmmm, interesting idea. Certainly a useful corp vessel, maybe it doesnt need to be limited to just ...2006.03.15 07:43:00
- You keep assuming that the only ships that cloak are covert ops. Other ships use cloaks in a purely ...2006.03.15 02:40:00
- Edited by: NattyDreadlock on 15/03/2006 00:06:03 The cloaked ship that is target locked(only lockab ...2006.03.15 00:03:00
- I hope they dont become like buffs in Star Wars Galaxies. they became injecta-ganks. ...2006.03.14 23:52:00

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