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- Resurrecting: Target Damage as a Percentage My feature is a way to get a numerical percentage for t ...2011.08.25 20:26:00
- Yeah, one of the potential options I'm considering right now (another is "do nothing") is to just ch ...2011.08.17 17:41:00
- The sky is not falling, these events are not taking away time from fixing bugs. If not for a few wri ...2011.07.19 04:12:00
- If CCP wanted you to do that, it would have been an advertised feature and you'd have a menu to poin ...2011.07.16 02:02:00
- I'm certain they will give people 50 Aurum. Woopee doo. That will buy you the Minmatar dust bunny ...2011.07.07 23:23:00
- Casting vote to re-enable this disabled functionality.-Developer time estimate: 1 minute. -QA time ...2011.06.29 23:04:00
- Oh, here's another: telling us that they want our feedback and to hear what we say, while Hilmar is ...2011.06.25 08:00:00
- Running one client: Peak 58c CPU temp seen in CQ, at start position after docking, looking down the ...2011.06.22 21:35:00
- At first I laughed about the... preliminary (?) price for the monocle. Probably because i'd rather h ...2011.06.22 05:07:00
- "ad-supported ventures" would be a violation of your own Terms. Click-through ads are a way of gener ...2011.06.15 18:27:00
- fanfest what? The idea was shown at Fanfest, it's not in-game (yet). ...2011.06.06 18:24:00
- Bookmarks - on-grid, on overview is nice, but I also want to see my on-grid BM's in SPACE. Since you ...2011.05.25 20:55:00
- Receiving this present - on my RL birthday, is much appreciated :)Keep fixing, and adding - and we'l ...2011.04.30 01:14:00
- I use three chars on one account. Char #1 has 130 fits, Char #2 has 55 fits - but most of these were ...2011.04.22 18:35:00
- Dropping an item stack on a container should behave the same way as dropping in an open container wi ...2011.02.21 22:47:00

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