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- Man, how did this obvious and fairly lame troll get 6 pages of responses? ...2011.08.25 03:28:00
- Edited by: Gottii on 21/08/2011 05:39:11 There is no proper, kind and gentle way to enslave another ...2011.08.21 05:39:00
- Well said.Heh. Up until the point you asked us to kneel before the Empress. I doubt many will find ...2011.08.15 05:02:00
- Well said. ...2011.08.14 04:44:00
- Being a good caldari pvper pretty much means learning ECM sooner rather than later. ...2011.07.21 15:17:00
- Port Facade ...2011.07.21 01:49:00
- Hello Dr. Tukoss, its good to see you well. We were glad to help you find your freedom, and I'm glad ...2011.07.09 03:26:00
- If you want to play EVE, work on building your skills, not just your characters. If you want to be a ...2011.06.20 05:57:00
- "Unity prevails"Oh yes, we have another clever mind cracking an incredibly witty and completely orig ...2011.05.10 23:05:00
- "Unity prevails" ...2011.05.10 22:52:00
- Edited by: Gottii on 10/05/2011 01:51:43I wish to offer my congratulations to both Jude and Laria. ...2011.05.10 01:51:00
- Edited by: Gottii on 10/05/2011 00:01:45 My view is simple.Slavery steals the humanity and dignity ...2011.05.10 00:01:00
- Good luck with your contest Verin. Still, its an odd contest for the IGS. It's not like there has e ...2011.05.04 02:17:00
- Edited by: Gottii on 29/04/2011 18:32:35Come on now, let's take yourself, and this is probably ad ho ...2011.04.29 18:32:00
- Walk in Beauty ReAw. Hope you find lots of cake out there. ...2011.04.29 02:23:00

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