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- Free isk plz! ...2010.03.16 01:32:00
- The public API thing could be interesting. I've been thinking of creating some kind of Eve portal we ...2010.03.05 23:44:00
- LG quote plz ...2009.07.26 07:56:00
- sweet. i just payed 10 million isk for a titan. ...2009.07.19 21:09:00
- Corelum C-Type 10MN Afterburner 50m ...2009.07.11 15:03:00
- yep pretty much what everyone else is saying: ALL faction ships need a LOT of love with the exceptio ...2009.06.29 23:18:00
- Filled it out. It's a bit lengthy, but the questions were good. what he said. i highly look forwa ...2009.06.19 02:13:00
- +1 to support. bots suck. they throw off the balance of the game. i enjoy my cheap modules and wha ...2009.06.10 01:26:00
- Dread Guristas Warp Disruptor 8mfor me plz ...2009.06.03 01:05:00
- Edited by: EvilSpork on 03/06/2009 01:33:00 stufflol im not even involved in FW and i think that is ...2009.06.02 23:46:00
- ffs people eft is not hard to use. just tinker around with it and READ THE INTERFACE. ...2009.06.01 11:12:00
- Edited by: EvilSpork on 01/06/2009 11:10:29 I don't even know how to respond...TL;DR, Wall of Text, ...2009.06.01 11:06:00
- i will just let you know nothing is impossible yep i will leave you with that have my children. ple ...2009.06.01 11:00:00
- Meh, look too much like Khanid for my liking. are you implying that khanid ships are not the sexies ...2009.06.01 10:59:00
- Gist A-Type Heat Dissipation Field: 75m Gist A-Type Photon Scattering Field: 100mprices based on ...2009.05.31 18:16:00

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