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- Edited by: RazorDreamz on 10/06/2010 03:10:53 Some of the basic problems with PI have already been ...2010.06.10 03:07:00
- -1 for obvious troll. No one would that stupid to suggest this. ...2010.06.10 02:59:00
- You took a chance on an exploit and lost your money... where exactly is the story here. ...2010.06.10 02:51:00
- I'm a programmer and I have visual studio and .NET v 1.1, 2, and 3.5 all installed plus many other p ...2008.07.11 01:05:00
- I've been a vocal critic when things in eve caused me problems such as crashes etc. But I need to gi ...2008.07.11 01:02:00
- Couldn't this be worked into a real bounty system? If you have kill rights you should be able to tra ...2008.06.17 10:29:00
- Also need a counter module to the ship and cargo scanners. This would allow haulers to prevent ganke ...2008.06.17 10:24:00
- I wonder when Amazon or something in north america will have it up for pre-order. ...2008.04.11 11:40:00
- There needs to be a module that counters the ability to scan cargo and ships. This would help reduce ...2008.04.11 01:39:00
- Please do you really believe that you can stop it? Face it, the secondary markets are here to stay. ...2006.09.07 12:38:00
- I can help you find a pod. ...2006.09.07 12:33:00
- My first kill after beta. Warped into belt found my mark with a friend and attacked. Killed my mark ...2006.07.03 06:02:00
- this is my siggy test ...2006.07.03 04:51:00

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